Giuliana Nocera Cooking Lesson Palermo

Giuliana Nocera Cooking Lesson Palermo

Cooking Lesson Palermo

If you love Sicilian food and would like to learn how to prepare it using traditional methods, then this is the course for you!

Throughout the centuries, Sicilian-style cooking has been strongly influenced by conquerors, kingdoms and many different cultures (Spanish, Greek and Arab) resulting in a delicious blend of styles and flavors found nowhere else in Italy.Unique, fresh with powerful flavors, it’s a fact that Sicilian cooking is widely known as one of the premier cuisines in all of Italy.

Palermo cooking class

Palermo cooking class

There is no better way to learn how to cook Sicilian food than by taking a cooking class from someone who knows the local food and wines. Chef Donna Patricia will guide you through each course explaining the tradition behind each dish and its importance to Sicilian cuisine.

Each one of our cooking courses has been limited to a maximum of 12 participants so that you receive personal direction and feedback from Chef Donna Patricia.  The courses are held in a typical 18th century home nearby the old market Vucciria.

Palermo cooking classes

We only use fresh and seasonal ingredients to ensure authenticity and because of this the menus prepared will be in accordance with seasonal and market availability. All of our dishes are based on the more historically important Sicilian recipes, focusing on pasta, fresh fish/meat, vegetable dishes and delectable sweets.

Here is how your day will unfold.

A day spent cooking with Donna Patricia is not simply a cooking lesson in a beautiful location. It's also a fascinating journey through Sicilian culture and its food. 

Chef Donna Patricia will meet you in the morning and take you on a tour of the vibrant and colorful Capo market. Take in all the sights, sounds and amazing smells of the market while being introduced to many foods you have never seen before; food critical to the cooking style of Sicily. You will be part of selecting the freshest seasonal ingredients in anticipation of creating an amazing meal.

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On the way to the cooking studio you’ll enjoy a pleasant walk through Palermo experiencing the stunning, baroque beauty of its architecture.  Palermo is without a doubt one of the most interesting artistic cities of the Mediterranean Sea.

Arriving at the house, you are welcomed to the kitchen with a refreshing glass of sicilian white wine while you unpack your market purchases and discuss the delicious menu that lay ahead of you.

A typical lunch menu prepared in a truly authentic Sicilian style will consist of:

cooking classes pasta

•    A "primo" (pasta)

cooking classes fish

•    A “secondo” (fish or meat)

cooking classes caponata

•    Caponata - The most famous of Sicilian side dishes


•    Dolce (desert)

Getting hungry and thirsty?

Not only do you get to eat all of what you have learned to prepare but you’ll be able to choose from 6 different ‘in purezza’ wines, especially selected for their importance to Sicilian cuisine and to perfectly match your delicious food: Nero d’ Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Frappato, Grecanico, Insolia, Grillo, Catarratto.

(“in purezza’ means that they are not blended wines)

We have created a very special day for you that will be educational and delicious, mixing fun with learning. We hope when you come to Palermo that you will join Chef Donna Patrizia in her kitchen and have a truly amazing day that you will never forget.

For more information or to book your course, please contact Chef Donna Patrizia at

 cooking class palermo

Where: In the heart of  Palermo near Vucciria Market

All classes are held in the morning starting at 10:00 am or other schedules on request.

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Chef Donna Patrizia

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