Chef Donna Patrizia, Cooking Class in Sicily who is she?

Cooking Class Sicilia

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Asking a native Sicilian to describe this important Italian cuisine is likely to make them stop and ponder their response. Eventually they may say something like “But Sicilian food is not Italian…it is Sicilian!” They have a point, for Sicilian food is like no other found in Italy. This style of Mediterranean cooking is heavily influence by centuries of dominance and control from Greeks, Romans, Arabs and the Spanish to name a few. Throw in flavors and ingredients from North Africa and you have a delicious and uniquely-spiced, style of cooking that is found nowhere else in the world. 
 To cook it properly it helps to be a Sicilian.
BIO – Chef Donna Patricia(Donna Patrizia)
Chef Donna Patricia is such a person. Born in Palermo from a Sicilian mother and Tunisian father, she loves to preserve the traditional taste and historical importance of Sicilian dishes. Throughout her cooking career she has catered for many large events and smaller, private dinners held in historical Palazzos always adhering to the strict standards of quality and freshness of well-made, Sicilian cuisine.

Her mission is not just teaching, but also preparing and empowering together, involving people, helping them to understand the history behind the dish and why certain ingredients are used in the place of others.

Chef Donna always meets her guests in the morning when the markets are at their peak vibrancy. Together you navigate the narrow alleys and many food stalls as you haggle with the street vendors to purchase only the freshest of ingredients required to begin your lesson.

The cooking studio is located inside an ancient Sicilian building, where you will enjoy a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Guests of Siciliandays and Chef Donna become partners with you in preparing a delicious Sicilian lunch by taking a journey into the past.


Cooking Class Palermo

Donna Patricia collaborates only externally with Siciliandays. She is not part of the admin of the activity, but rather consults externally.

Telephone: 0039 3274541741

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