If there are 3 things that typify the glorious landscape of Sicily it would have to be grape vines, citrus trees and the incredible olive grove. All 3 are steeped in centuries-old history, wonderful Sicilian tradition and, oh....if they could only tell their stories.
Sicily is enjoying a "renaissance of the olive tree" in this century and the act if planting, harvesting and making tasty EVOO is fearcly protected at a family and community level.

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO

"NUCIDDA" Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOO

At Reitano, a very small common in the Province of Messina, linked to Nebrodi Park, we have our family olive groves. Nebrodi Park spans 87.000 hectars, enveloping a territory of 24 municipalities. It is the largest natural mountain reserve in Sicily; a truly rich blend of plants, animals, and local products.
Our family has always been linked to this product which so proudly represents Sicily and the Mediterranean. The oldest maps of the area surrounding the Nebrodi Natural Park, indicate that over five centuries ago olives were cultivated on our land, in one of the areas best known for the production of olive oil. Here, we carefully nurture over 700 trees in an area renowned for great biodiversity in which rare examples of flora and fauna co-exist.
We are very fortunate to be located amongst this beautiful landascape and are blessed with a climate perfect for cultivating olives. Our olive groves are located at an optimum altitude, 300 - 500 meters above sea level. From here looking north you will enjoy an amazing view of the rich blue Eolian Sea and its many islands.
It is here that we create ‘’Nucidda’’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nucidda is a dialect word that means ‘’little hazelnut’’, a word with an ancient familiar story, a word that stands for Love and Passion for what we like.
The olive varieties that we grow are traditionally Sicilian ones specific to this area: Santagatese, Verdello, Crastu, Ogliarola. They are usually more full bodied in taste compared to Tuscan or Ligurian oil.
We hand harvest our olives in early October.
This is the moment in which the earth gathers our family and our employees together in long days of work that take us back to the old rituals of the farming tradition.
It’s a back breaking job and the most labour intensive part of olive oil production. Furthermore, this is the moment of truth because now we finally get the see and taste the results of an entire year of care. The olives are harvested by hand and rushed off to the mill to be mechanically pressed on very the day they are picked. This helps preserve freshness and produces an olive oil which is particularly fruity, appropriately acidic and slightly spicy, with flavour and smell of the sea and citrus.
From the very beginning we decided to follow the values of traditional agriculture: respect for the earth and sustainability. For these reasons, when treating our trees we use only products that don’t change their natural equilibrium and balance. We have choosen not to use any fertilizers and accept and adapt to what Mother Nature wants to give us.
We are also very careful to follow these same values when planting new trees. We geometrically place the young trees in rows of 5×6 meters allowing every tree to have enough light and air to grow strong and beautiful.
We invite you to book a visit where it would be our pleasure to have you taste our beautiful olive oil. Come during the harvest or after it. We are located just one hour from Palermo. Shipments all over the world, available in 1 or 5 liter containers
You can purchase the oil right at the farm or we can arrange to ship it straight to your home!


For any informations about the oil and shipping, please contact us at:


"One of the best"...
Hello Patrizia,
Yes, I received the package. Don and I have been enjoying the olive oil. It is truly one of the best tasting olive oil. I will recommend to our friends and family in the United States. Thank you for everything!
Hope all is well with you.
Warmest regards,
Judy McFarland J
xx Fairway Ave
Thayne, Wyoming 83127 United States

“Do not miss this experience ”
Hands down the best part of our visit to Palermo. We planned on doing a wine tour based outside of Palermo but soon discovered it was slightly difficult in terms of transport. Instead we booked with Alfredo and are so glad we did. We tasted 6 generous glasses of wine not to mention delicious cheeses, caponata, and and their great extra virgin olive oil named ''Nucidda'' with the bread of Monreale, and dessert too. We felt we were in the home of a family member. Definitely worth the money - an amazing experience! Grazie Mille!!!
stephange12 Adelaide, Australia

Dear Patrizia,
thanks for the Olive oil I received just yesterday! The taste is really unique, me and the family are now enjoying a meal with your tasteful and rich olive oil, also reminding the cooking class we made together in Palermo and all the fun!
Warmest thanks
Tracy Rowlands

Patrizia, just a few words to tell you how much we are appreciating Nucidda oil.
Our salads now taste of Sicily Good!
Thanks and hope to see you again
Sarah Sperrazza

“Feels like home”
Emilio L
After a short walk through the mercato del capo we had very warm welcome at Patrizias home. Everyone got to cut some ingredients for the menu. While Patrizia explained a bit how to prepare the dishes and stared cooking she shared very funny and interesting stories about Sicilian family life and Sicilian cuisine!! We (in total 8 participants, maybe a bit too many for a cooking lesson but all of them nice people) got to taste some cheese, extra virgin olive oil (Patricia 's production), and wine while she prepared the dishes. We had a wonderful time!! I just would have like to really cook a little bit instead of just do a bit of cutting. But Patrizia and her daughter made up to that! Highly recommended to who wants to get in touch with the locals!

“Tour and home cooked meal; a cooking class”
paullips3 Portland, Oregon
This was an exception experience. Very small group. They aim for 6 max. The heart of the tour is in the old city, where we'd find most of the places we wanted to see. They are Palermo residents and they LOVE the city. Informative, small group, best part of the town to visit. That was good enough.
The first tour included a home cooked meal. It was fun, delicious, informative, and very relaxed. They host this at a beautiful little apartment in the heart of the old city. Lively conversation, laughter, and great insights into Sicilian cooking.
We took a second tour which was a visit to the outdoor market (an event in itself) to buy the food for another meal. Which the small group of us would cook that day. Then to the apartment and a very fun, more food-informative, and incredible meal. All was perfecty seasoned with their evo (extra virgin olive oil) named ''Nucidda'', that we bought straight from the owner of Siciliandays.
PLAN on having more time than less...they are so generous with their time and sharing so much that they love and is at the heart of the life in Sicily.
My wife and I love these two different events (on two different days) and by the end felt close to them. So close, we shared some of the best of the 'bad words' of both our languages! Fun bonus!

“Fabulous 3 hours”
Stephen M
Hereford, Regno Unito
We booked this activity as we were stopping in Palermo on our cruise and we were both so glad we did. Our hosts met us in a location which was easy to find and a few minutes walk from their town house. The wine and conversation flowed all afternoon interrupted only by the cheese a snacks prepared by out hosts. We also loved so much the extra virgin olive oil that Patricia produces in her farm, named ''Nucidda'' and we also asked to have it shipped to our home! We would recommend this tour to anyone and the bonus is we got to take any unfinished bottles of wine we wanted away with us.

“Absolutely Loved Our Cooking Day in Palermo with Patrizia!”
Saint Louis, Missouri
We spent our second day in Sicily with Patrizia and her daughter first shopping at the local market for ingredients for our lunch FEAST then drinking wine as Patrizia whipped up an amazing authentic Sicilian lunch for us. Patrizia is delightful and a marvelous hostess who prepares a multi-couse delicious lunch while managing to entertain her guests as she goes. It was also fantastic to taste the extra virgin olive oil she produces that is named ''Nucidda'', a dialectal word with a long story! Recipes are shared after the class. Highly recommend this activity!


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