street food palermo

We want to show you our Palermo, so join us on a food tour that focuses on Sicilian food and traditions. Our aim is to show you Florence’s hidden gems and the best that Palermo has to offer turning it in to a great experience full of food, fun, facts & memories.
Every wonder what it would be like to spend a culinary day in the life of a typical resident of Palermo?
Alfredo invites you to follow us and find it out!
Take this intimate walking tour and spend some quality time with a guide who is passionate about Sicilian food and wine. Explore the many hidden corners of Palermo and eat what the locals eat and where they eat it.

 street food palermo

Cheap, fast, tasty: street food is also a great way to learn about traditions and culture of Palermo. They call it Street Food, the art of eating on the street. Invented some three thousand years ago is back in fashion. Cheap, fast, tasty. Perfect way to get to know a city through its gastronomic traditions and discover the flavors of traditional dishes using local poor.


 street food palermo

Tour Food & Culture

Duration: 3,0 hours ( approx.)

Price: € 50.00 per person including VAT


Visit Capo Market and Ballarò, Massimo Theatre, Church of Immacolata Concezione, Praetorian Palace.

Arancine con carne, Arancine al burro, Crocchè di latte, Pani ca Meusa, Pane panelle e crocchè, Musso, Masciddaro, Carcagnolo, Cannolo and coffè.

Assistance with language translation

Other beverages

Gratuities (optional)
Hotel pickup and drop off

Group Size – maximum of 10. (Suitable for both adults and children)

Language: Italian - English


pani ca meusa

A good panino con la milza (pani ca meusa) sandwich with spleen

pane e panelle

pane  panelle e crocchè (sandwich with spleen sandwich with fritters and croquettes)


arancine in the infinite variety possible,


are also eat in the typical markets of Palermo: the Piazza Caracciolo Vucciria of the Capo market,  and Ballarò, the popular market for excellence.


Frittola at Capo Market entry.

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A good video > Unti e Bisunti   or Street Food Heroes di Palermo



forbes The World's Top 10 Cities For Street Food

Palermo, Sicily

Italy is normally a slow-food, sit-and-eat kind of country, so VirtualTourist was surprised by the variety of street food in Palermo, the capital of the island of Sicily. Fried food finds include arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat sauce and cheese), crocche (potato balls), panelle (chick pea fritters), and cardoni (stalks of cardoon, aka. artichoke thistle). And of course, they do a mean Sicilan pizza.

from Forbes


nutrition journal Characterization of street food consumption in Palermo

from Nutrition Journal

Had a great time with Giulana and walking the streets of Palermo tasting what the locals had to offer. He took us to places that were off the beaten path that were unique to the city. He has a passion for his hometown and the food. Giuliana was extremely friendly and was great with the people. If you are looking for something cool and you love food, Giuliana's Food on Foot tour is the way to go!
Robert St. Petersburg Florida

This is a must do experience on your trip to Palermo! Marialuisa absolutely knows his stuff and the food we sampled was nothing short of sublime. Best of all, their was a question and answer session where Marialuisa recommended where to eat for the rest of the stay depending on what food you liked. We followed through on some of those recommendations and were not disappointed. Do this tour at the beginning of your stay and it will save you loads of money on really high quality but reasonably priced food.
Angelina Wellingborough Northamptonshire UK