Four Canti Vigliena Square Four Canti (Vigliena square - The Four Corners)

Quattro Canti Theatre of the Sun

Quattro Canti Theatre of the Sun during the Festino Saint Rosalie Celebrations

At the Crossroad between two main street, Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda, we find this widening where, upon the four corners, are standing four baroque facade with the classical distribution on three order of architecture: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, with small fountains, the statues of four season and the four statues of the 4 saints holy protectors of Palermo: Saint Cristine, Ninfa, Oliva and Agata. (This Saint was changed after with Saint Rosalia).

theatre of the sun

The Theatre of the Sun in one image from Wim Wenders film Palermo Shooting


Vigliena Square

The crossing means also about the four area in which Palermo is cutted: Palazzo Reale, Mezzomonreale, Castellammare e Oreto, all protected buy a Feminine Saint.

Vigliena Square Four Canti

Palermo Walking tour and Palermo Walking tour Capo e Beati Paoli (with sicilian typical lunch) includes visiting at Four Canti (Vigliena square)

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Piazza Vigliena Quattro Canti